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Rabobank (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈraːboːbɑŋk]; full name: Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.) is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking. The group comprises 129 independent local Dutch Rabobanks (2013), a central organisation (Rabobank Nederland), and many specialised international offices and subsidiaries. Food and agribusiness constitute the primary international focus of the Rabobank Group. Rabobank is the second-largest bank in the Netherlands in terms of total assets.

one angry costumer of Rabobank wrote this on Trustpilot.com: I don't recommend Rabobank! They are not trustworthy, nor transparent. Their customer service SUCKS. I wanted to open a business account in Rabobank. I've recently registered a business. I am not a private client of this bank. I decided it will be smart to divide income and not to keep all in one place. The bank said that they don't want to open an account to me. Although the website says you can open a business account while you don't have a private one. Absurd. Process: I called to the bank to open the account. I've been asked if I have a private account 3 times (call menu, one person, second person). I said no 3 times. Then the second person showed discrimination towards me refusing to open the business account. The reason - because I don't have any services or products that I use by Rabobank. And that I don't want to say in which bank I have my private savings. And because I indicated the reason why I chose Rabobank for my business account as it is one of the biggest banks (so I can trust it). The questions were asked in the form of enquete. It seemed not obligatory, not transparent anyways. No information on my side other than name and kvk number were checked. So without anything about me they make a choice of their clients. Pure discrimination. Simply he didn't like me and didn't like that I don't want to answer a question about my private savings. But my private account is my private thing. If this is an obligatory question then it has to be clear and transparent. NOT RECOMMENDED. I don't want an account there after all this even for free.


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